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Geodex Minerals Ltd. (TSX.V: GXM) is a Canadian-based resource company with a focus on the exploration and development of critical metals, particularly tungsten and molybdenum deposits, in New Brunswick, Canada.

Geodex began exploring in New Brunswick in 2003, attracted to the province by the excellent geological potential and favourable pro-mining government policies. These advantages are highlighted by the Fraser Institute survey of mining companies published annually, which consistently ranks New Brunswick as one of the best jurisdictions worldwide in terms of overall attractiveness for mining investment.

Geodex has developed a recognized expertise over the past 10 years operating in New Brunswick, the best examples being the successes at the Sisson and Mount Pleasant West Projects. The geology of New Brunswick is prospective for a number of critical metals, including tungsten, indium and REE (Rare Earth Elements), as well as tin and molybdenum.

The Dungarvon tungsten – molybdenum property will be the focus of Geodex’s exploration in 2013. It is located about 50km from Sisson and has very similar geological characteristics to that deposit. Geodex’s focus is locating the source of numerous and large high grade boulders located in the glacial till. A drill program is underway in June 2013 to test prospective targets to locate the possible source.

From 2004 – 2010, Geodex successfully explored and developed the Sisson tungsten – molybdenum deposit in the central part of the province. In August, 2010, the Company signed an agreement with Northcliff Resources Ltd,. of the Hunter Dickenson Group, which gave that company a 70% interest and operatorship of the project. In June, 2012, Northcliff bought the remaining 30% interest in Sisson. The positive results of a feasibility study was completed on the project in January 2013.

Sisson is one of the world’s largest undeveloped tungsten and molybdenum deposits and Geodex is using experience gained there to evaluate and explore for similar critical metal deposits in the prospective granitic belts in the province.

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  1. Chery Brewer permalink

    Welcome to New Brunswick. We have been waiting for hope.

    • Have you been staying updated with Northcliff Resources? They will hopefully be releasing the feasibility study soon on the Sisson Property. Hopefully from there we will be able to know more in regards to the construction start date on the Sisson Property.

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