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Drilling Underway at Benjamin Copper-Molybdenum Project

February 13, 2014

Written by David Martin, V.P. New Brunswick Operations

The exploration targets have been identified and the drill has arrived. Diamond drilling is now underway at our Benjamin Copper – Molybdenum Project (News Release of February 4, 2014). The winter weather is cooperating (at least for now).  This is the first phase of drilling by Geodex on this property. Drilling will target geophysics anomalies (induced polarization and magnetometer) and copper / molybdenum soil anomalies.


Benjamin Project: Drill Site 1 (February 2014)

Such drilling programs are always a time of anticipation for our team. I find such programs individually unique. For example drill program objectives commonly vary depending on the stage of a project. The objective for some is the discovery of a new resource while in others the objective is to define a previously identified resource. During the period of 2005 – 2009, the majority of our drilling was focused on defining the tungsten – molybdenum resource at the Sisson Project in central New Brunswick (now operated by Northcliff Resources Ltd.). The objective of the current Benjamin drilling is the discovery of a new resource. Targets have been identified through soil sampling, geophysics and researching the exploration history of the area. It is time to test targets by means of diamond drilling.


Benjamin Project: Dave Martin examining drill core at Drill Site 1 (February 2014)

We have drilled in different areas of central and southern New Brunswick, each location offering unique geology, exploration targets and geography. This is our first such drilling project in northern New Brunswick. It is also a time to reacquaint with towns such as Bathurst, Campbellton and Dalhousie. I lived briefly in Bathurst during my early days in this industry. The scenery along the Bay of Chaleur is impressive. We feel very welcome here. The Bathurst Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Energy and Mines has been especially helpful.

It is time for a drive to the drill. This is another advantage of working in New Brunswick. We have a short 30 minute drive from our motel to the drill site.


Campbellton, New Brunswick: Our home during the Benjamin Drill Program


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